About #idsIMPACT

    #idsIMPACT is a community-engagement initiative of the Interior Design Society that was launched at 2015 IDS National Conference. Commitment to community is a core value of IDS. Beginning in 2016, IDS strongly encourages each member to report the number of hours per year provided in pro bono design services to benefit their community. The work can be of general benefit for the community such as a park or community center, or the work can be for a non-profit, religious, or other charitable cause.


    There are four primary objectives:

    1. To promote IDS' core value of community-engagement
    2. To recognize and honor our member's commitment to their communities
    3. To increase awareness of the design industry's pro bono contributions
    4. To encourage and record goodwill among all with #idsIMPACT

    Community Engagement Awards

    This year, IDS is inaugurating a new category of community-engagement awards that will be distributed at the annual awards gala, available only to IDS members in order to promote involvement from designers, industry partners and sponsors. The following awards will be given:

    • Group IMPACT Award: Awarded to a Chapter or Group project

    • Individual IMPACT Award: Awarded to an Individual

    • Student IMPACT Award: Awarded to a student

    • Student Organization IMPACT Award: Awarded to a student group

    • Industry Partner IMPACT Award: Awarded to an industry partner for supporting individual/group projects through products and/or services

    • Sponsor IMPACT Award: Awarded to a sponsor for supporting individual/group projects through products and/or services

    Charitable Design Reporting

    IDS strongly encourages all members to report the number of charitable design hours completed for the calendar year. There is not a minimum hour requirement; this reporting system is being implemented to exhibit the direct IMPACT that IDS, as a whole, has on its collective communities.