Member Spotlight

    Members: Kim Bailey and Lauren Bailey-Rude - Dallas, TX of Kim Bailey Interiors


    When did you realize that you wanted to become an interior designer?

    Kim: I have always been a creative person and loved being domestic.  I learned to sew at the age of 10 and began sewing clothes for myself as well as pillows and small items as gifts for my friends during my years in school.  I began studying business in college and then got married and started a family.  It was then that my creativity really blossomed because I wanted to do so much to our home but was on a tight budget – which makes a person more creative, in my opinion.  I began sewing window treatments and pillows for family and friends as well as taking an upholstery class because I wanted to learn how these items were constructed.  When my son left for college and my daughter was entering high school, I went back to school for interior design and then opened my own design firm.

    Lauren: Growing up with a mom (Kim Bailey) who has always had a touch of design in our home, I have always had an interest in interior design. I would help her on my days off and nights/weekends through high school and college which turned into a full time position about 4 years ago.

    Who was the first interior designer to make an impression on you?

    Kim: My top two favorite interior designers who really made an impression on me were Candice Olsen and Sara Richardson.  I really enjoyed watching their programs and learning more about design, their process and overall design style.

    Lauren: The first interior designer that made an impression on was my mom, Kim Bailey of Kim Bailey Interiors. Even before she created her company she was always making drapes, clothes, pillows, etc for our home while I was growing up.

    What are some of the things that influence you, aside from furniture and décor?

    Kim: Inspiration is everywhere for me but I would say that nature is full of the most amazing color palettes and textures.  I love reading a great design magazine or coffee table book.  I also get great inspiration while traveling in different cities and countries.

    Lauren: Everything around me influences me…nature, restaurants, online resources, magazines, etc. It’s funny to be somewhere and say “oh wow, that’s a really neat light fixture” or “these colors do not meld together well”…my husband says “I can’t take you anywhere!” With design trends rapidly changing, it is always best to keep a keen eye out for the next trend or unique items that can make a statement in a space.

    What are your go-to basics?

    Kim: My go-to basics are well made pieces furniture with clean lines and a timeless feel.  I love building a room around pieces that can morph and change over the years with completely different color palettes and design styles to accommodate new items and pieces that are brought into the space.  As a designer, I love changing things up frequently and investing in great furniture basics makes this process more manageable.

    Lauren: I personally love to have my largest pieces neutral and then have pops of color in the accessories, art, lighting, etc. A mixture of styles always creates a comfortable space without feeling like it has a “theme”.

    Are you seeing any particular style requests trending amongst your clients?

    Kim: COLOR!  Clients are getting tired of the light neutrals of grey, beige, cream and white and are craving color.  Most clients are afraid of color but are drawn to it, so it really makes reaching out and working with a design professional necessary for them.

    Lauren: The style requests from our clients are as diverse as our clients. At Kim Bailey Interiors, we design FOR our clients based on their feedback and requirements for the space. We do not force one particular design style onto them and therefore every project is different. Overall trends can be anything from adding more color into their spaces, high functionality and organization throughout every detail, and always adding a unique pop that will make their family and friends say “wow! I would have never thought of that!”

    What’s been your career highlight to date?

    Kim: There is so much to be thankful for during my career and it’s hard to narrow it down, but the highlight has to be when clients are truly happy with their new home or corporate office, when they call us back for more design services because they are so pleased with what he have completed, and when they refer us to their family, friends, and colleagues.

    Lauren: When people think about their career highlights they tend to think of awards or acknowledgements. However, my biggest highlight in my design career would be being able to have a successful working and personal relationship with my mom-boss! Sometimes working with and for family can be challenging, and we have our moments, but overall I feel extremely blessed to have the relationship we do and how we can work together to make client’s projects become a reality.

    What’s the most treasured item in your own home?

    Kim: The most treasured item in my home are the photos of my family.  I love furniture, fabrics, and great design, don’t get me wrong, but at the end of the day what I value the most are my husband, my children, their spouses, (soon to be grandchildren) and the time we spend together as a family.  These photos bring back precious memories of what means the most to me in life. 

    Lauren: The most treasured item in my home would be my husband and future nursery for our twin girls. Items in my home have no eternal value and I am blessed to have Tyler as my husband. He is the biggest blessing that I have ever received and the Lord has blessed us with expecting twin girls in March 2019. Family has always been close to my heart and seeing my own family grow through the Lord is the best treasure I could ever ask for.