Code of Ethics

    Members of the Interior Design Society (the “Society”) are required to conduct their interior design practice in a manner that will encourage the respect of clients, fellow interior designers, the interior design industry and the general public. It is the responsibility of every Member of the Society to abide by this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, the Bylaws and all other policies of the Society.

    1. A Member shall not make misleading, deceptive, or false statements or claims about such Member’s professional qualifications, experience, abilities or performance.

    2. A Member shall not permit such Member’s name to be used in conjunction with a design or project in which the Member was not personally or actively involved.

    3. A Member shall (i) exercise reasonable care and competence, (ii) conform to existing laws, regulations and codes governing the profession of interior design as established by the state or other jurisdiction in which they conduct business, and (iii) consider the health, safety and welfare of the public at all times.

    4. A Member shall not knowingly violate the law, or counsel or assist clients in conduct they know, or reasonably should know, is illegal.

    5. A Member shall engage in their professional activities with honesty, integrity and fairness.

    6. A Member’s contract with a client shall clearly set forth the scope and nature of the project, the services to be performed and the method of compensation for those services, including, without limitation, all compensation that the Member shall receive in connection with the project. A Member shall not accept any form of undisclosed compensation from any person or firm with whom the Member deals in connection with the project.

    7. A Member shall assist the client in understanding and obtaining the full measure of the services and rights expressed or implied in contracts, agreements or warranties.

    8. A Member shall conduct all business activity without prejudice, as to age, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap or veteran status.

    9. A Member shall not deliberately make any statement which injures the reputation, prospects or business of another designer.

    10. A Member shall not knowingly plagiarize the design or infringe the copyright of another designer.

    11. A Member shall not claim to represent the Society without express prior authorization to do so from the Board of Directors or an authorized representative of the Society.

    The Bylaws of the Society provide that a Member may be expelled if the Member engages in conduct that is contradictory to the provisions of this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.