2018-2019 DotY Winners

    2018-2019 Designer of the Year award winners were recognized during our awards gala on May 4, 2019. Award recipients submitted design projects completed between October 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018.

    Space Designs

    Kitchens $50,000 & Below

           2nd Runner Up, Bauer/Clifton Interiors


    1st Runner Up, Nicole Yee


    Winner, Urbanology Designs

    Kitchens $50,000 & Above
                      2nd Runner UpMaria Causey


                        1st Runner Up, Les Bernabi


                       1st Runner Up, Michele Youell - Natural Domain Interiors   


        Winner, Mary Norris Interiors

    Bathrooms $30,000 & Below

     2nd Runner Up, Nicole Arnold


    1st Runner Up, Bauer/Clifton Interiors


            Winner, Kara Gordon

    Bathrooms $30,000 & Above

    2nd Runner Up, Studio Steidley


    1st Runner Up, Maria Causey     


    Winner, Judy Gooch                                                                                                                   


    Bedrooms $30,000 & Below

    2nd Runner Up, Dina Houser - Sublime Interior Design and Home Styling


        1st Runner Up, Nicole Arnold


    Winner, Tanna Edler

    Bedrooms $30,000 & Above

        1st Runner Up, Jeanne Campana


    Winner, Bauer/Clifton Interiors


    Living Spaces $30,000 & Below 

      2nd Runner Up, Baker Design Group


    1st Runner Up, Megan Kranz, MTK Design Group


      1st Place, Kara Karpenske


    Living Spaces $30,000 & Above


    2nd Runner Up, David Fruscione, Republic of Decor


    1st Runner Up, Midori Karasawa, Style Guide Interior Design


    Winner, Nicole Yee


    Singular Areas

    Dining Rooms 

    1st Runner Up, Nicole Arnold


    Winner, Jodie O'Connor

    Home Office

    1st Runner Up, Barbara Owens


    1st Runner Up, Goddard Design Group


    Winner, Traci Connell

    Recreational Spaces 

    1st Runner Up, Charles Pavarini III


    Winner, Kara Karpenske


    Children's Rooms and Nurseries 

     1st Runner Up, Traci Connell


                                                                              Winner, Kristi Hopper Designs


    Window Treatments

                                                                                                    Winner, Kara Karpenske

    Laundry/Craft Rooms

                                                                                                  Winner, Baker Design Group


    Wine Cellars/Wine Rooms

    Winner, Barbara Owens

    Outdoor Spaces

    Winner, Kara Karpenske



    Winner, Chris McKenry


    Entry Way/Foyer

    1st Runner Up, Kara Karpenske


    Winner, Barbara Owens


    Holiday Design

    Winner, Barbara Owens


    Specialty Awards

    Sustainable Design #GetYourGreenOn

    Winner, Sheree Vincent, Fusion Designed


    Sherwin-Williams Sponsor Award

    Winner, Studio Steidley

    Universal Design

    Winner, Nicole Yee

    Original Design

     Winner, Barbara Owens

    Whole Home Design 

    2nd Runner Up, Kara Karpenske

    1st Runner Up, Traci Connell


    Winner, Starr Miller


    New Construction 

    1st Runner Up, Mountainwood Homes


    Winner, Goddard Design Group

    Impact Award 

    Individual Impact Award 

    Winner, Barbara Owens


    Group Impact Award

    Winner, Elizabeth Grant and IDS Eastern Tennessee